When To Update Your Logo

When To Update Your Logo

A company’s logo should never be under estimated! It is what sets the tone for the customer and creates the all-too-important first impression.


I can honestly say that I buy products based on creative labeling. I choose restaurants based on signage. I use websites based on the visual experience. Logos and brandings are at the frontline of your business. Hopefully, they will draw customers into a similar experience.


When creating a logo, I constantly think, “Will this stand the test of time?” The reason being, an up-to-date logo is so importance as it speaks to the relevance of your company or product.


I am not a component for changing logos. No way! I work hard with my clients to create consistency and brand recognition. HOWEVER, what if your logo is no longer doing what it was intended to do? The question becomes, when is a redesign necessary?


Some Questions to Consider:

  1. Does your logo adequately portray the image you need it to? Does it remain relevant? If you can’t immediately say “yes,” it’s time to freshen things up. Your logo is the representation of your company. There should be no confusion over what you offer and the general nature of your business.


  1. How much thought went into the research, design and development of your logo? Often when businesses are just getting started, this important step is glossed over with the many other decisions necessary in starting a business, or because of budget restraints. Once you’re more established, consulting a professional to adapt your initial logo into something that reflects your company could be money well spent.


  1. Has your company evolved? Often times businesses change as they measure areas of profitability and figure out what consumers want. This can change your company’s logo. Remember, you want to accurately portray what you offer.


  1. Is your logo too busy? “Simple, simple, simple,” I can’t say it enough. I love simplicity. The best branding I’ve seen or created is clean and simple. All too often logos are overdesigned, busy and leave me feeling confused. You want to be understood and often that means fewer colors, cleaner lines, and simple fonts. If your logo is complex, it may be time to simplify!


Perhaps you’re feeling like it is time to freshen things up. Call or email today to schedule a free consultation. It’s my pleasure to create brands that are accurate, relevant and represent your business well!